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The 2012 Franklin Global SpellEvent will be conducted exclusively at the regional level.

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Franklin, TESOL International Association and its affiliates are working diligently with its partners to preserve local competitions up to the regional in-country finals.

Important Message from Franklin Electronic Publishers:

The 2012 Franklin Global SpellEvent will NOT include a New York City competition for regional finalists. We are very excited about ongoing regional events taking place during the next few months. We wish all the students good luck!

To all of our partners and teachers: Thank you for four terrific years. We know these events have proven to be a successful exercise, adding more spark to your classrooms, and drawing more attention and support locally for your curriculum.

Franklin, in cooperation with TESOL International Association, would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported and continue to support SpellEvent; but most importantly, by doing so, you show support for the true beneficiaries of SpellEvent, the students. It has been our great honor and privilege to be able to realize the vision of an innovative medium through which we could effectively advance the momentous cause of English language literacy around the world. Through competition, we captivated untold thousands of youth and helped to empower them with confidence, rewarding their deserving efforts. Witnessing their progress and personal growth has proven a learning experience in and of itself. Awe struck and inspired, we are compelled to further this objective in other arenas as we move forward.

The success of these past four years is immeasurable, and the persistent efforts of all involved are applauded. We have all been profoundly moved, humbled, and enriched by each and every student, as well as by their dedicated mentors, who have demonstrated an infectious passion and commitment to their charge.

Thank You To Our Proud Corporate Supporters!

We at Franklin are so very proud of SpellEvent and what it has accomplished, and would like to recognize all of the exceptional individuals around the world without whom this wonderful event would never have seen fruition. Student and teacher, parent and child, TESOL and affiliate member, we commend each of your efforts, and value all of your contributions. We know you share our pride in what you have helped accomplish. The success of SpellEvent is inexorably linked to your collective dedication and cooperation, and is immortalized in the memories of all of the students who have enrolled over the years. We have brought a common, bonding experience into as many as 15 countries per annual event, and are grateful for all of the gracious affiliates who reciprocated, often personally leading to a guided exploration of these wonderfully diverse cultural horizons transcended by SpellEvent.

Franklin must take measures in order to help ensure that it will be able to continue to cultivate a love of all languages and a love of learning, on multiple fronts. Franklin will continue to offer the most comprehensive and most accredited line of electronic educative materials available for both the consumer and education sectors.

The mission remains ever clear, with the objective paramount: The proliferation of English language students by giving teaching professionals the proper motivational tools they need to encourage classroom enrollment and local support. There, teachers are instrumental in inspiring these young impressionable students about the importance and value of learning English and to a lifelong love of learning.

English affords each student with even more opportunities in an increasingly diverse world, and resources must continue to be put to the purpose of teaching it to students around the world.

While we regrettably announce 2012 as the final year of SpellEvent, we at Franklin, in cooperation with TESOL International Association, take great pride in announcing:

The 2012 Franklin Global SpellEvent is underway!

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